The Battle of the Sexes

It’s Been Downhill Since The Garden

H.R. Boaz

Is there a battle of the sexes?

Today, while few healthy role models for female/male relationship exist in any culture, particularly in Western cultures, it seems that the genders are growing even further apart with women and men giving up on each other, opting for same sex relations, and/or giving up on themselves, even refusing to identify with their own God-given genders.

Does “Toxic Masculinity” exist?

Bewildered at the adjective “toxic” defining masculinity, men fail to realize the oppressiveness of the male perspective. Historically squelched, the equilibrium of the Image of God—feminine and masculine essences—being expressed throughout the natural world also seeks healthy human expression. To the wonderment and dismay of the male of the human species, the feminine image of God, seeking full expression in women, like a bobber on a fishing line—keeps popping up! One of the major influences of men ignoring and dismissing women has been man-made religion teaching a human hierarchy that does not exist.

Discover the answers to these questions and more

Escape the information jungle of the world and come with me through the leaves of this book to discover the answer to these questions and more: Why the unraveling of what should be the consummation of the natural attraction of the genders? Is there truly a battle of the sexes? Did it really begin in the beginning? Who started it? Who’s winning so far? When will it end? Who has the answers for how women and men can restore what God said not to destroy? Otherwise, life comes to an end.

About the Author: A spouse, a parent and a grandparent, formally educated according to worldly knowledge: psychology and counseling. Presently enrolled in God’s School of Spiritual Development, studying God’s Word, learning to live with wisdom, and love. It’s not always easy, but by the grace of YHWH I’m doing it!